Top AI Experts: Quoc Le

Quoc Le works over at Google Brain (of which he was a founding member) and is the person behind Google’s AutoML, an ambitious project that promises to expand the number of people who can create neural networks from a few hundred PhD holders to pretty much anyone online who is interested – by teaching neural networks to do the heavy work in constructing new ones. He talks about this and much more @quocleix. – AI made easy


Top AI Experts: Richard S Sutton

Richard S Sutton is sometimes called one of the fathers of AI, because he was a real pioneer in the field, publishing his seminal doctorate “Temporal Credit Assignment in Reinforcement Learning” in 1984. He’s now a professor at the University of Alberta and works with Deepmind. He shares his thinking on his website, a beautifully low-tech website that Dr Sutton terms “a sort of blog”. – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Ruslan Salakhutdinov

Ruslan Salakhutdinov is a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon and became director of AI research at Apple in 2016. He has published numerous papers on machine learning and is deeply involved in Bayesian programming, which many think is the answer to the Holy Grail – machines that figure things out for themselves. He shares his thoughts with the world @rsalakhu. – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil sounds like a cynical detective from a 1930s noir, but he’s in actual fact a leading intellectual in the field of AI. He devotes his considerable energies to invention in areas including optical character recognition, text-to-speech synthesis and speech recognition, as well as writing books regarding the future of intelligent machines and their relationship (and indeed integration) with us, including the bestseller “The Singularity is Near”. His newsletter is read by millions. – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Dag Kittlaus

Dag Kittlaus is someone we’ve all met – or rather, his creation, Siri, which Apple acquired and made a household name. He next created Viv, which Samsung took off his hands. We can’t wait to meet his new AI entity, but in the meantime he talks about AI and the world @Dagk. – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Martin Ford

Martin Ford is author of some of the best books on AI, including “Architects of Intelligence” and “The Rise of the Robots”. @MFordFuture, he shares the latest articles in AI and robots, and comments on the successes – and failures – of intelligent machines. – AI made easy