AI Thought Leaders: Ben Lorica

Chief Data Scientist is Ben Lorica’s title over at O’Reilly Media, where he uses his expertise in data mining, business intelligence and stats analysis to push marketing and advertising campaigns. What’s more, he’s not shy about sharing his knowledge.


AI Thought Leaders: Kate Crawford

Kate Crawford is co-founder of the AI Now Research Institution and is a principal researcher at Microsoft Research. She’s interested in the social side of AI, which could involve anything from racist, sexist or just plain sick predictions in search engine autosuggestions to the pros and cons of facial recognition software in police body cams (spoiler alert – it’s mostly cons).

AI Thought Leaders: Jeff Dean

If you’re interested in knowing what Google is up to in the AI corner of things (and you should be, since that AI ‘corner’ is set to be all four corners soon enough), then Jeff Dean of Google AI is your man. Very readable, very broad-spectrum and with some fascinating data.

AI Thought Leaders: Fei-Fei Li

Fei-Fei Lee is a Stanford computer science professor with a specialization in computer vision and cognitive neuroscience. She’s also the Co-Director of the university’s Human-Centred AI Institute, which aims to ensure the machine works for us – and not the other way around!

AI Thought Leaders: Soumith Chintala

Soumith Chintala is the creator of PyTorch and co-author of the WGAN and DCGAN research papers that are a must-read in the AI industry. But his long-held dream is creating a computer that can win high-stakes poker games, and he thinks he’s done it! And you’re not going to believe how…

AI Thought Leaders: Mustafa Sulyman

Mustafa Sulyman is a co-founder of DeepMind, which became Google’s biggest European investment when they acquired it in 2014. But he’s so much more. A firm believer in both AI ethics (setting up DeepMind Ethics & Society) and AI used for the good (DeepMind Health, among other projects), this guy is almost the diametric opposite of Bond villain Raoul Silva.

AI Thought Leaders: Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng is a legend in AI, machine learning and neural networks. This Stanford University professor is passionate about opening the possibilities of the AI up to the world, as attested by his free online courses on Coursera, which he co-founded. He also co-founded Google Brain, so following him is best termed a no-Google-brainer.