Top AI News: AI police after computer conmen

With the advent of high-speed trading by computers causing an estimated 10 mini-crashes a day (aside from the eye-watering ones like 2018’s), it was inevitable that AI would be corralled in to deal with the problem. NASDAQ now uses AI in tandem with human analysts to spot shady activity designed to manipulate the market, such as ‘churning’ and ‘spoofing’. Read more here.

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Top AI News: Uncle Sam needs you(r personal data)

It has recently been revealed that the US military have been quietly building up one of the biggest databases of faces, fingerprints and DNA in existence. Millions of cases comprising enemy combatants, allied soldiers, suspected terrorists and anyone else they feel it would help them to recognize. 15 years ago what they could do with it was limited – today, with AI, the possibilities are endless. Read more (and shudder) here. Today’s Simple AI – AI made easy

Top AI News: Real news of fake news

In February, OpenAI released the tantalizing news that it had created an AI entity that could create convincing fake news, butit was too dangerous to release. This was followed by another release that said it would be released, but gradually (so the tech community would have time to build cages, traps and pits to trap the beast). Now they have released the full and final version, in a move some have decried as a publicity stunt and others and the beginning of End of Days. Decide for yourself here. Today’s Simple AI – AI made easy

Top AI News: Alexa, what should I do?

The future of virtual assistance was laid down recently by the creator of Alexa and Chief Scientist at Amazon, Rohit Prasad, who posited that what we need is an VPA that anticipates rather than  responds to our needs. By allowing more of our data to be collected than ever, through new devices like Echo Buds (wireless earphones) and Echo Loop (a smart ring), we could fast be entering a time where AIexa whispers ‘I’ve found something you’ve just got to buy!’ in your ear – and she’s right! More @.    

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Top AI News: If Newton had had AI

The three-body problem isn’t an insoluble mathematical problem, but it’s so fiendishly complicated that it wearies even the most dedicated mathematician – and that includes Isaac Newton. Now AI is set to cut this Gordian knot, which has implications in multiple areas such as navigation. More @.   

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Top AI News: What are your human weaknesses?

If you’re applying for a job, you need to know about Hirevue. Before you get to the big interview, you may be interviewed by an AI entity. If you don’t pass on parameters such as  including word choice, voice tone, eye contact and facial cues (that means smiling), then you will never get through the door. Currently being tested to see how well it can be gamed, Hirevue’s advice is be you, be true, and you’ll get through. Also, do move too quickly. More @.  

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Top AI News: Ethical killer robots

The Pentagon has released a draft set of AI guidelines in an effort to get ahead of the curve before drones and robot-soldiers go autonomous. Their 5 pillars are responsibility (it’s killer your robot, own it), equitability (don’t make racist killer robots), traceability (leave an oil trail to track down your killer robot), reliability (non-erratic killer robots) and governability (killer robots that do what their told). What could go wrong? More @.  

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