Top AI Experts: Jana Eggers

Jana Eggers is the CEO of Nara Logics, which describes itself as a synaptic intelligence company. Meaning? They build that vital layer between a company’s vast underground sea of data and its everyday operations, so that it is accessed or indeed extrudes itself when and where it is most needed. And if we have not explained it too well, she does a far better job at this and many other areas of AI @jeggers. – AI made easy


Top AI Experts: Adam Coates

After developing the most sophisticated autonomous helicopter of its time while still at Stanford, Adam Coates went on to work for the Chinese firm Baidu in its Silicon Valley AI research Lab, looking at AI models exceeding 100m people. He’s now a director at Apple and tweets @adampaulcoats. All his publications are available on his website   

todayssimpleai – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Alex J. Champandard

Co-founder of CreativeAI, Director of the comference and all-round whizz on AI and machine learning in gaming and creative industries, Alex J. Champandard came out of a six-month sabbatical in March and has been tweeting and retweeting furiously ever since @alexjc. – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Joanna Bryson

In her PhD thesis, Principles of Modularity and Coordination for Engineering Complex Adaptive Agents, Joanna Bryson developed the action selection model for AI decision-making – ie for our machine to make a decision, we must narrow down its options from infinity, yet by doing so we are building bias into our machines, with all of its ethical implications. She has two Twitter accounts: one where she tweets spartanly (@j2breve) and the other where she tweets profligately (@j2blather). We prefer the blather, though Dr Bryson recommends the breve. – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Neil Lawrence

Despite being Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Sheffield,  Neil Lawrence finds the time to do so much more. Aside from co-hosting a bi-monthly podcast called Talking Machines, he writes vociferously on the subject for publications including the Guardian, and makes every article available on the blog on his website Intelligible, intelligent, interesting insights – just what we’ve been hankering after. – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Nathan Benaich

Medicine is one of the areas where AI is predicted to make the biggest landfall soonest, so it’s good to have an AI expert in your pocket who can keep you up to speed on that.  Nathan Benaich used to be a genetics researcher and holds a University of Cambridge PhD in computational and experimental cancer research. He’s now an AI venture capitalist, and you can follow him @NathanBenaich. He’s also co-author of a fantastic annual report called The State of AI and has a insightful newsletter called – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Jon Kleinberg

Jon Kleinberg is a professor at the Tisch University Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University, and so popular with students for his teaching that he has acquired the nickname “Rebel King” (an anagram of his name). And the good news is that he makes his lectures publicly available, for example here – AI made easy