Here’s to a wonderful Summer 2018 for one and all! :)

Hello to our friends and valued business acquaintances here!
Here’s to a wonderful Summer 2018 for one and all! 🙂
I finally found time to pen one of my occasional updates here so wanted to share and as always ask for your news in return?
Like many of us I’ve been heads down with #GDPR work for the last few months so I needed to pop back up to humanity, say hello and see how everyone is getting on. 🙂 GDPR is bloody BORING at times zzzz …
and overly bureaucratic to be honest but I do think its a good thing so hopefully worth the effort in the end! 🙂  Btw if you need an expert eye to review your GDPR paperwork for FREE just ping me any time 🙂  
There’s been more GDPR emails recently than rats in the sewer and some of them have smelt similarly IMHO 🙂 If ones objective is to get people to read a new privacy policy etc then asking most of the adult population to do it all at the same time is praps not ideal. However I do understand there’s been loads of confusion and we’ve all been looking to the ICO and our lawyers to shed further light … which has sometimes been late in coming back. Now we’re all watching and waiting to see which priorities the ICO and other supervisory authorities choose to address first – as well as the lawyers and the law courts.
We’re all hoping I think for a light GDPR touch approach but some of the experts I trust don’t see it turning out that way. This may be less driven by the under resourced ICO than by so called ambulance chasing, class action lawyers lining up their next juicy targets. So let’s all watch this space and keep all our fingers and toes crossed!
On the personal front we still live work from our place next to Victoria Park between Bethnal Green and Hackney and have enjoyed some fab music and related festivals in the park already this summer. If anyone fancies a visit to the area do let us know as we love visitors.

We have some friends and airbnbers staying there this summer so that should be an interesting experiment. 🙂

The rest of my immediate family have made their annual summer migration to Bulgaria so I’ll be hopping back and forth as usual while they enjoy the warmer clime and other local family benefits.
If anyone fancies a visit do let us know as we love guests there too 🙂
You may have seen that I finally banged out a few self published books this year (GDPR again Im afraid:) I started over Crimbo in fact when I got bored with all the gorging and drinking LOL. The first versions were a bit basic TBH but Ive been improving them steadily and now Im quietly pleased with how the latest versions are looking. I appreciate the kind and useful feedback from many of you along the way too. I try to offer FREE versions as often as possible – and when not possible there’s always a 0.99 edition in the line up – so that everyone that wants to can afford.
I also have some high priced versions which usually match my training session outputs hence the pricing.  However if you want to wait they always go into freebie / price promos sooner or later. 🙂 Approx 50% of the content is common across all my GDPR books but in the other 50% I offer more fully finished document  templates for the more expensive versions, including by vertical. So do grab a freebie or 0.99-er here and let me have your feedback anytime 
Very proud of my sister who has recently started selling her paintings via a shop in central London and donating all proceeds to her favourite charities.
Some of her art is on her blog here so do take a squint when you have time And here’s one she made earlier.
My bro Greg recently made partner at his company which is well deserved after a lifetime of bloody hard work. For those that know him and his wonderful sharp humour here’s a pic of him meeting some random punter at an award ceremony
He’s changed a lot over the years but all positive – he’s the one on the left in the photo lol.  
Our boys get bigger by the day with one starting school and t’other a nursery in the Fall. Everyone said how quick childhood passes … are they bloody joking or what? Ok so the good days are good 🙂 but bad days are the most aging experience I’ve ever experienced!!!
Not their fault of course that theyre such needy little blighters! 🙂 Theyre brilliantly funny too of course – the older one is trying to master swear words at the mo’ so I’m trying to stop him and not snigger at the same time. 🙂  Here’s an older pic of the growing brood together.

Ok that’s probably enough from me for now. Do let me have your news in return!

Lets stay in touch and let us know if youre ever anywhere nearby and fancy a coffee/beer/bite etc. 🙂
Thanks & kindest regards,
Maurice ‘Big Mo’ Flynn – Now No2 GDPR Author on Amazon/Speaker UK (Reviews Based)
LIMITED OFFER: GDPR Prep Documentation from £99!
Big Mo’s Open Doors Ltd.
Mobile: 0044 7746104686

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