Top AI Tools Review: IBM Watson

What is IBM Watson?
IBM Watson is the complete package. It will wine you, dine you and then, probably, reassign you (to a department more suited to your needs). It provides complete control over not only data flow but also intellectual property, human resources and much much more. It intends, in
fact, to be the only platform you will ever need.

Is IBM Watson for experts or beginners?
IBM Watson is definitely not for beginners, and with a fairly long training curve (though the training given is itself regarded as good).

Is IBM Watson for big companies or small?
IBM Watson unashamedly pitches itself toward large companies, institutes, hospitals and local and national governments, if not intergalactic alliances (as yet).

Is IBM Watson expensive?
In the pricing we can again see what kind of customer would suit IBM Watson (the software decides if you are worthy). For $30 a month, a single user gets 2 GB of storage; for $80, an
unlimited number of users can share out 100GB.

What are the benefits of IBM Watson?
IBM Watson knows what it’s doing. If you are a big organisation – or on your way to becoming one – then IBM Watson will have anticipated most if not all of your needs. From personnel needs to bots to answer everyday queries, and from equipment shortages to near real-time reaction to events, this platform will do it all.

What is IBM Watson not so good at?
Again, fairly predictably, flexibility and individualization are not IBM Watson’s strong points. Another complaint is the training time, which means new employees can’t jump onboard quite so quickly, and ex-employees’ absence is more felt.

How popular is IBM Watson?
99% user satisfaction returned by independent research gives a good indication of how well the software performs, though in many cases it would be preaching to the converted.

What equipment is needed for IBM Watson?
The IBM Watson software works well with Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as browser- based devices.

Have we missed anything? Please add your opinions below! 🙂

Authored by: Chris & Maurice Flynn

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