Top AI Tools Review: Apache PredictionIO

What is Apache PredictionIO?
Apache PredictionIO is the open-source platform that allows rebel users to build their own machine learning engines to launch at the web.

Is Apache PredictionIO for experts or beginners?
Open source always has a tendency to frighten the uninitiated, who expect to see something like the lines from The Matrix when they boot up the system. It shouldn’t be this way, since it is far more approachable, but the truth that many open-source enthusiasts won’t admit is that users do need to know their way around a computer (and back).

Is Apache PredictionIO for big companies or small?
Just as IBM and big companies go together, so with Apache PredictionIO and the small. Not that it can’t allow you to grow into a very large pair of boots (or make you look like you wear a very large pair) – just that smaller tend to be more open to open source in our experience.

Is Apache PredictionIO expensive?
Apache PredictionIO, like everything else from the Apache Software Foundation, is free. That’s why they’re Apache. Of course then set up and integration costs need to be added on top.

What are the benefits of Apache PredictionIO?
First of all, Apache Prediction is free. That’s an important first of all. Second, Apache PredictionIO can be used with a whole swathe of other open source software, from Apache Spark to MLlib, HBase, Elasticsearch and more.
Apache PredictionIO also has a templates library available, allowing users to pick and adapt the one that best suits their needs, saving them time and headaches.
Apache PredictionIO has both web and mobile API applicability.

What is Apache PredictionIO not so good at?
For inexperienced users, there’s a steep learning curve, which means it might not be ideal for companies trying to train up staff (in the sense that you’re training them for their next job, in a new field altogether :).

How popular is Apache PredictionIO?
Independent research has given 100% user satisfaction feedback with Apache PredictionIO. While it is a given that only open source enthusiasts use it, and therefore there is a pre-existing bias, still: if there was a problem, that also means you’d hear about it.

What equipment is needed for Apache PredictionIO?
Once set up Apache PredictionIO can works on Windows, Mac and, inevitably, Linux. It also works for web and mobile applications. However it isn’t ready to go nor plug and play.

Have we missed anything? Please add your opinions below! 🙂

Authored by: Chris & Maurice Flynn

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