Top AI tools review: Ayasdi

What is Ayasdi?
Ayasdi is a platform containing all the apps, tools and technologies users need to create a custom AI system, whether small scale or enterprise size.

Is Ayasdi for experts or beginners?
While not entirely for beginners, Ayasdi has been specifically designed to help businesses with their particular needs and issues, so that users from this area will find it has anticipated many of their problems. Some expertise is required however.

Is Ayasdi for big companies or small?
Ayasdi can do small, but the bigger an enterprise gets, the better this machine seems to fit.

Is Ayasdi expensive?
Unusually, Ayasdi does not offer a free trial, and asks interested parties to get in contact for a quote. That means expensive, as a rule. Online reports talk about $2.5k for minimal customisation and excluding data transfer costs and training.

What are the benefits of Ayasdi?
Ayasdi automatically categorizes and finds patterns in data, then predicts and acts upon them. The extra intelligence function that it has is the ability to justify its ideas, making it near-unique in the market and, frankly, pretty close to getting one up on Turing.
Ayasdi has the advantage of having been designed for enterprises, meaning it can easily be deployed company-wide, where it can fulfil even the day-to-day needs such as single sign-on. This means it can act as an operational system if desired, and not just an analytic machine.

What is Ayasdi not so good at?
Ayasdi is not best suited for the pure crunching of enormous amounts of data – for example, unstructured / unlabeled data sets. It needs be fed more organised sets of data.

How popular is Ayasdi?
Though Ayasdi, as mentioned above, may be expensive, it seems to be worth it for those users who did dig into their pockets, as they have recorded 100% satisfaction in online reviews.

What equipment is needed for Ayasdi?
Once set up Ayasdi works on Windows, Mac, Linux and browser-based devices.

Have we missed anything? Please add your opinions below! 🙂

Authored by: Chris & Maurice Flynn

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