Top AI tools review: Salesforce Einstein

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What is Salesforce Einstein?
Salesforce Einstein is a software application designed to consume and digest great quantities of sales and related data. It allows sales teams and more access to the kind of hard data processing they’ve previously only dreamed of, and provide them with predictions, suggestions and solutions.

Is Salesforce Einstein for experts or beginners?
Salesforce Einstein
is aimed at the beginner to intermediate. Not only that: it is designed to be completely accessible to sales reps, marketers and related roles, who generally don’t want their time taken up with learning new software. However some data analysis and science knowledge is assumed.

Is Salesforce Einstein for big companies or small?
Although Salesforce Einstein is aimed firstly at the sales and marketing departments rather than the entire company, their overall solution pricing casts a net towards the larger fish rather than the feisty minnows in terms of client size.

Is Salesforce Einstein expensive?
Salesforce Einstein
offers a free trial, as with all comparable software, but it does not quote a price for the full version: it asks to be approached for a quote. It has been reported online that it costs approx. $75 per user per month.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Einstein?
Salesforce Einstein
will help coordinate and help organize sales and marketing teams, taking over a lot of the drudge of calendaring and identifying potential contacts, enabling the team to get on with doing what it does best – selling and marketing.
Salesforce Einstein crunches massive amounts of sales data to make market predictions and anticipate customer needs.
Salesforce Einstein also has the AI bot-ability to provide ground-level sales support.

What is Salesforce Einstein not so good at?
Salesforce Einstein
is somewhat narrow in scope, which could be good or bad depending on where you’re coming from. So from a sales or marketing department in a large enterprise, it’s a resounding cheer, where for anyone looking for something with a wider or more general scope, it’s a big fat boo.

How popular is Salesforce Einstein?
Independent research tells us that Salesforce Einstein satisfies 96% of users (the other 4% are presumably the ones in charge of the sales department budget :).

What equipment is needed for Salesforce Einstein?
Salesforce Einstein
works on Windows, Mac and browser-based devices. It’s worth pointing out that it’s supported in English, Dutch and Swedish rather than just the usual English – though the extra language choices do seem a touch eclectic.

Have we missed anything? Please add your opinions below! 🙂

Authored by: Chris & Maurice Flynn

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