Top AI tools review: scikit-learn

What is scikit-learn?
Scikit-learn is the machine learning tool from the open source SciPy library (a collection of software applications in Python). It’s being used for everything from bookings in hotels to recognising online abuse and predicting customer behaviour.

Is scikit-learn for experts or beginners?
is a great piece of kit for anyone just starting out, though obviously you will need to have a certain amount of Python familiarity – but that’s just the way the jungle works. The fact that so many public and private organizations are using it gives a good indication of how easy people find it.

Is scikit-learn for big companies or small?
scales all the way up to big organizations and all the way down to hipsters working out of their parents’ converted garage.

Is scikit-learn expensive?
will not cost you a penny, like everything else from the SciPy box of tricks.

What are the benefits of scikit-learn?
has been released under a BSD license, which means that not only is it free, but it can also be tinkered with without terms-and-conditions restrictions (within reason).
Scikit-learn is run by real enthusiasts, and it is updated a number of times per year.
Scikit-learn offers plenty of help to users trying to integrate it into their system.

What is scikit-learn not so good at?
suffers from one problem that all Python software does, which is that it doesn’t work well with very large amorphous masses of data.

How popular is scikit-learn?
Independent research gives that scikit-learn a perfect score of 100% in terms of user satisfaction.

What equipment is needed for scikit-learn?
works on Windows, Mac and Linux, naturally.

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