Top AI Tools Review: TensorFlow

What is TensorFlow?
TensorFlow is the open-source library of AI software that was first developed by Google Brain for internal use before being made available to everyone.

Is TensorFlow for experts or beginners?
TensorFlow has a great deal of flexibility and adaptability, but it can in no way be called easy to use.

Is TensorFlow for big companies or small?
TensorFlow allows small companies to compete with the big boys in terms of creating powerful analytical engines. Big companies can by all means use it, but may find they want something a bit more ready made. The GPU is where it thrives, but it will function perfectly well on a CPU, allowing very small operations to apply it.

Is TensorFlow expensive?
TensorFlow is completely free, and its library is being added to all the time.

What are the benefits of TensorFlow?
As mentioned above, TensorFlow is free.
Second, TensorFlow is the big daddy of AI software, being what Google developed and uses, and if Google uses it, we know it works. Since it went open-source, enthusiasts worldwide have been adding to the platform.
TensorFlow’s recent eager execution innovation allows simple fast debugging.
TensorFlow has mobile API applicability, making it ideal for those working on the hop.
TensorFlow manages tasks like translation, place identification from photographs and voice recognition with ease.

What is TensorFlow not so good at?
For inexperienced users, it can be off-putting in terms of set-up and operation.

How popular is TensorFlow?
Independent research has given 99% user satisfaction feedback with TensorFlow.

What equipment is needed for TensorFlow?
TensorFlow works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It also works for mobile devices including (somewhat unsurprisingly) Android.

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