Top AI tools review: Infosys Nia

What is Infosys Nia?
Infosys Nia is an AI platform that is one of the children of the Infosys AiKiDo family. It aims to take the pain out of the day-to-day processes an organization needs to perform, as well as assist it in innovating and improving its performance.

Is Infosys Nia for experts or beginners?
Infosys Nia
makes a good attempt to simplify the complex and the vast, and even to make the experience of the user and enjoyable one, so beginners will definitely give it points for trying.

Is Infosys Nia for big companies or small?
Infosys Nia
can scale both ways, but its big talents might be lost on very small-size enterprises.

Is Infosys Nia expensive?
Infosys Nia
will give you a quote if you contact them, and there is no free trial, which generally smells of money.

What are the benefits of Infosys Nia?
Infosys Nia
will take all the mundane but necessary jobs out of the hands of people, freeing them up for more creative work.
Infosys Nia provides valuable assistance in how to utilize its talents to the optimum, and provides suggestions on extending its use that clients had not thought of before.
Infosys Nia offers fast, flexible and efficient processing of big data.

What is Infosys Nia not so good at?
Infosys Nia
is good at the big stuff, and understands what every company needs, but it’s not so easy to individualize, so niche enterprises might not have their needs met.

How popular is Infosys Nia?
Web-based research gives Infosys Nia an 80% satisfaction score from users.

What equipment is needed for Infosys Nia?
Infosys Nia works on Windows, Mac and web-based devices.

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