Top AI tools review: Receptiviti

What is Receptiviti?
Receptiviti is an AI software platform that offers companies and organizations a way to analyze and understand both their staff and their client base better.

Is Receptiviti for experts or beginners?
has a number of large concepts to grapple with, but this shouldn’t prove too much of an obstacle to the computer-savvy beginner.

Is Receptiviti for big companies or small?
is confident it can help anyone, from enterprises run by less than 50 people to companies with over 1000.

Is Receptiviti expensive?
There’s no free trial, and the company will give you a quote when you contact them, so paying for Receptiviti may hurt a little.

What are the benefits of Receptiviti?
’s patented software can analyze both personnel and customer psychology, giving a company unique insights and allowing predictive and proactive behaviour.
Receptiviti can help HR find the right people for vacancies and analyze employee satisfaction, emotional state and both mental and physical fitness. It might even find your perfect match.
Receptiviti is designed to spot problems before the develop and act to head them off.

What is Receptiviti not so good at?
does one thing very well, but you might have to fork out for another AI platform to do the other stuff.

How popular is Receptiviti?
Independent research gives Receptiviti a perfect user satisfaction score of 100.

What equipment is needed for Receptiviti?
works on Windows, Mac and web-based devices.

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