Top AI tools review: Wipro Holmes

What is Wipro Holmes?
Wipro Holmes is an AI platform offering companies the ability to automate many parts of their operation, from data analysis and language processing to drone and robot management (how cool does that sound?).

Is Wipro Holmes for experts or beginners?
Wipro Holmes
is intended to be used by the Everyman, though there is scope for fine-tuning by experts.

Is Wipro Holmes for big companies or small?
Wipro Holmes
’ name was clearly inspired by IBM Watson, and on that basis we can assume it is pitching itself towards the smarter, leaner end of the market.

Is Wipro Holmes expensive?
With a quote-based plan and no free trial, we can assume Wipro Holmes’ services do not come particularly cheap.

What are the benefits of Wipro Holmes?
Wipro Holmes
boasts the AI abilities of voice recognition, language processing, pattern-recognition, prediction and hypothesizing.
Wipro Holmes is easy to instruct and easy to access.
Wipro Holmes can be used to control your robots and your drones (which sounds great, but how many companies really need this service yet?).

What is Wipro Holmes not so good at?
The worry is that, despite his name, Wipro Holmes still cannot really do as much as his plumper sidekick.

How popular is Wipro Holmes?
Users give Wipro Holmes a score of 80% for user satisfaction in independent web research.

What equipment is needed for Wipro Holmes?
Wipro Holmes
works on Windows and Mac and web-based devices.

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