Top AI training review: Elements of AI

What is Elements of AI?
Elements of AI
is an online course from the University of Helsinki using the Independent platform. In 5-10 hours a week, for 6 weeks (though you can go at your own pace), the course promises to ‘demystify AI’.

Is Elements of AI for experts or beginners?
Elements of AI
aims to be the course for beginners – with no difficult maths or coding skills required.

Is Elements of AI expensive?
Elements of AI
is absolutely free, compliments of Finland.

What are the benefits of Elements of AI?
Elements of AI
teaches what AI can do and – importantly – what it cannot.
Elements of AI
gets learners to grips with where AI will take us.
Elements of AI
explains how AI came about.
Elements of AI
enables you to critically evaluate the wild and outlandish claims made about AI every day.

What is Elements of AI not so good at?
Elements of AI
is very much a theoretical course, giving a nice grounding in the what of AI – but not the how. Lots of reading.

How popular is Elements of AI?
On date of writing, 2600 students had at least dipped their toes in Elements of AI.

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