Top AI Experts: Sundar Pichai

Given that Google is at the forefront of nearly absolutely every development in technology, and is especially attuned to the scope, benefits and dangers of AI, following Google CEO Sundar Pichai @sundarpichai is an absolute no-brainer for learners in machine learning. 

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Top AI Experts: Barbara Engelhardt

Barbara Engelhardt believes that machine learning will prove to be the key to solving the big problems of human society. As principal scientist at Genomics and an associate professor at Princeton, she is in the perfect position to learn and teach how. She shares her insights @BeEngelhardt. Also, a great TEDx talk here

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Top AI Experts: David Kenny

David Kenny knows that without massive data to crunch, AI is simply A not very I. He’s CEO of Nielson, a multi-national that marketing people turn to for big data, such as whether Pepsi is outperforming Coke or not, on any given Sunday in any given country. He tweets for business and pleasure @davidwkenny

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Top AI Experts: Satya Mallick

Computer vision is one of the fastest moving and well-proven areas of AI, with applications in everything from self-driving cars to intelligent billboards. Satya Mallick is the man in the know in this area, having co-founded TAAZ Inc, where fashion, beauty and machine learning meet, and, at time of writing, acting as interim CEO at OpenCV. He writes at Learn OpenCV and tweets @LearnOpenCV

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Top AI Experts: Gary Marcus

Gary Marcus is a voice worth listening to, because though very positive about the future possibilities of AI, he isn’t sold on its present-day ‘miracle cure’ status. A small child, as he says, can still do it better in most cases. This CEO and co-founder of Robust.AI is also a prolific author and tweeter: find his titles at his website and his tweets @GaryMarcus. – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Andy Pardoe

Andy Pardoe is founder and CEO of Informed.AI, an ‘ecosystem’ for AI which brongs together news, conferences, awards and much more. Professor Pardoe is also behind Pardoe Ventures and Critical Mass, both of which help UK AI start-ups. He is a prolific tweeter (@pardoe_AI), speaker and writer, and his many articles, papers and his book, The Continuum of Intelligence, can be found on his website. – AI made easy

Top AI Experts: Tabitha Goldstaub

Tabitha Goldstaub is cofounder of CognitionX, a self-described ‘knowledge network’ which will keep you up to scratch on AI (they publish a range of newsletters to sign up to). They also run the festival Listen to this powerful voice in UK AI @tabithagold. – AI made easy